Certified Business & Life Coach

Laurie Smith loves coaching because she helps people navigate change, like a tour guide on the rapids of a moving river.

"Some people love change and find it exciting.  Others dig in their heels, resisting or denying the opportunity to embrace new possibilities.  And some just freeze."

No stranger to change herself, Laurie has personally ridden the waves. As a Madison Avenue advertising executive, she powered her way through corporate America, working for global giant Grey Worldwide in New York City.  As a Vice President/Creative Director, Laurie's client list included Proctor and Gamble, Kohler, Hess, and Celestial Seasonings, to name a few.  Her creative talents were also recognized in the publishing field, where she put her energies into a dream-come-true position with Sports Illustrated Magazine, producing materials and videos for their sales teams.  Laurie and her husband decided to reinvent themselves and were Charlotte-bound in 1997, in search of a new life adventure.  Laurie transitioned into entrepreneurship, and also pursued her love of animals via dog rescue.  She served as Director of Sales and Marketing for Carolina Business Coach for 6 years before making the leap into the coaching role.

If you are ready to stop stalling, open up, face your demons, let go of fear, move forward, and leap into a more glorious future, then Laurie is the coach for you.

Laurie Smith, Certified Business & Life Coach