Hiring & Talent Retention

“If you think hiring professionals is expensive, try hiring amateurs” - Anonymous

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Some people interview well. But don't perform well.

Are you frustrated by hiring people that look great on the surface but don't meet expectations?

Hire right the first time.

One of the highly-validated assessments that we use is called DISC. This measures a person's natural strengths and behaviors. Other assessments we utilize measure attributes, competencies and motivators. It might take you months or even years to learn as much about an individual without these learning tools. By using hiring assessments, you can reduce turnover, training cost, and regain lost productivity.

Just as an MRI gives a dimensional view of your insides, assessments provide a more comprehensive picture of a job candidate or employee.

It no longer makes economic sense to rely on our instincts for hiring when assessments will ensure you of more favorable hiring outcomes. Information you obtain from an assessment report helps you ask more focused questions during the interview process, because you are more aware of the behaviors, motivations and the skills needed to perform the role well.

Lack of communication in the workplace is a breeding ground for organizational dysfunction.

What erodes an organization's effectiveness? When employees feel disengaged from the company's vision or leaders, they are just 'going through the motions' and will underperform. By using assessments throughout your organization, we can show you how to motivate each employee based on the tasks and responsibilities that play to their strengths.

Assessments can "multi-task" as learning tools for current employees.

What you learn from DISC can be used for ongoing growth within your organization.

We can help you assess current employees and learn to work with the results to help you build productive teams, develop more effective managers and sales people, train a powerful sales force, reduce interpersonal conflict, and improve customer service.

Measurable results:

• Higher productivity
• More job satisfaction
• Less conflict
• Lower turnover
• Dramatically enhanced communication