"Working with Carolina Business Coach, we developed a set of goals that were not just based on revenue, but things I wanted to change or improve in the business. My gross sales are way up as are my profits.  I am more confident in my own leadership abilities.  Before I may have been tentative about making changes; now we can go forward without fear. I look at Carolina Business Coach as a partner in what I am doing.  The way I would evaluate the investment in coaching is by looking at the bottom line--at the end of the day I need to see value.  It's something every entrepreneur should experience."


— Dan Garvey, President
United Brokerage Packaging

"Carolina Business Coach is so much more than a coach; they are a trusted advisor, a wealth of knowledge and common sense and a great support system for my business. Carolina Business Coach sees the world as it is, not as we would like it to be. They teach their clients how to navigate most effectively. They have found their passion in life and it's a joy to work with them. They takes Their clients' success as seriously as his own and easily takes on the roles of advisor, expert, friend, sounding board, bad cop and cheerleader, as needed."

— Marcia Merrill, President
Red Rover Communications

"After my sessions with Carolina Business Coach, I feel like doing cartwheels in the parking lot!  It is not every day that you meet someone like Harvey.  He listens intently to my concerns about business, relationships, or a "curve ball" that's been thrown into my life professionally or personally.  He cares deeply about people.  After spending an hour with Harvey, I feel energized, enlightened and enthusiastic going forward."

— Claire Cox Krusch, Director of Human Resources
Kirsch and Sellers, P.A.

"Small business owners often lack guidance from outside directors or advisors. As an entrepreneur, I have found Carolina Business Coach to be an invaluable resource both personally and professionally. Harvey Smith’s people skills and wealth of personal business experiences make him uniquely qualified to provide this critical help. Carolina Business Coach provides a perspective on my business that is free of any conflicts of interest. They have been a crucial part of my business growth, both personally and professional."

— Mark Coons, President/CEO

American Special Risk, LLC   

"After working with Carolina Business Coach our business grew 450% in one year.  Before working with Carolina Business Coach, I was an entrepreneur looking for people to fill the practice without a good sense of whether or not these were the right people for us.  Through coaching, we were able to build a team of office staff and practitioners that were aligned with our goals."

— Dr. Michael Smith, ND

Carolinas Natural Health Center

"We manage a $250 million hedge fund.  Much of the time we were so busy "baking donuts" that we didn't take the time to think about where we were headed.  Carolina Business Coach was good at fleshing out what our individual roles were, and melding them into a collective vision.  The assessments are descriptive, but it's sitting down and going over them in much greater depth with my staff that helped them learn to become more effective with others.  It was definitely money well spent."


— Peter Keane, President/CEO

Keane Capital Management  

"Carolina Business Coach suggestions and answers to my questions have been an integral part of the foundation of this company. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the honesty and integrity in every answer to my questions. As I was told by one of your clients, "I can't afford not to have Carolina Business Coach as my business partner", I am now saying the same thing to all my business acquaintances. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."


— Greg Bryan, President/CEO

Providence Health Care Staffing 

"Harvey is an outstanding coach. He knows just what questions to ask to get your goals/issues out on the table and you'll get to work. He'll make you accountable and as a result successful."


— Caryn Lee, CEO


"I have owned a printing company for 20 years, and knew that we were stagnant in sales.  Being in a small business and wearing many hats often leaves me with little or no time to work on my business.  I realized that I needed a confidante and coach to help me address the critical, strategic issues that I was not able to get to alone.  Carolina Business Coach takes a deep personal interest in the success of their clients.  They will push you in the best ways to create a plan for change. They will go beyond the norm to offer their help once the plans and goals are created; they are very effective."


— Clem Huffman, Owner

South City Print

"Working with Carolina Business Coach helped us demonstrate the highest sales year since the company's inception in 2003.  Coaching pays for itself tenfold.  Every meeting with Harvey is highly valuable on many levels. I am not as stressed as I was; I feel that I can deal with any situation that comes my way."


— Chris Vigna, Owner

All About the Pipes Plumbing     

 "To say that working with Carolina Business Coach has been a rewarding experience for our family business would be an understatement.  My husband and I have been working with Harvey for nine months, and in that time we have seen dramatic changes in our business.  While working with Carolina Business Coach we have improved our shop organization, accounting systems, staff-hiring processes, customer communications, marketing and leadership skills.  Improving so many facets of our business has not only increased our profits significantly, but also taken GFR from a good company to a great company."

— Desirae Remensnyder, Owners

GFR Custom Cabinets     

"I made a business decision to hire Carolina Business Coach at the recommendation of a colleague.  This decision has proven to be one of the best I've made professionally and personally.  Carolina Business Coach have given me many useful tools for my professional toolbox.  I am a better leader, friend and mother because of the things they’ve opened my eyes to.  For this, I am grateful.  I hope to continue my business association with Carolina Business Coach as long as they are willing to deal with me!"


— Candace Cole, DDS

Smilestone Family Dentistry  

"Carolina Business Coach provides an individualized experience that is tailored specifically to your business needs.  They take the time to understand you and your business now, and how that related to plans for future growth.  They asks great questions, provides a number of resources, and motivates you to achieve success.   As a small business you have to consider every expense, and the investment that  we have made in ourselves through Carolina Business Coach has proven to be invaluable."


—  George Remensnyder, Owner

GFR Custom Cabinets    

 "After working with Carolina Business Coach, my business increased profits by 20% and my clients paid their bills 10 days earlier than usual!! Personally, I felt less stressed and accomplished more over the past tax season. I strongly recommend Carolina Business Coach to anyone who would like to achieve their personal and financial goals."


— Josh Cahan, President

Augustine Corporate Solutions

 "Carolina Business Coach are consummate professionals. Their attention to detail helped us move our business forward more rapidly than we had expected. Their integrity made it easier to share intimate details of our business and market that were integral to the success of our outcome."


—  Mike Littauer, Owner

Charlotte Insurance Solutions

 "My company was doing well, but there were rough edges. I felt a need to improve employee performance and morale. Employees who committed to the coaching process made a 100% turnaround. This had a clear and positive impact on the bottom profit line. In the last 6 months of my business our profitability allowed the business to be valued well for sale."


Kathy Dowd AuD 

Tryon Hearing Center, Inc.       

"Harvey Smith embodies all the things you want in a business coach:  an intent listener, a compassionate nurturer, a focused motivator.  His background as both a teacher and successful businessman gives him a perspective rare among his counterparts.  I've thoroughly enjoyed our relationship."


— Joel Kweskin, Owner

JDK Marketing Communications    



"As soon as I started working with Harvey, we made a plan that in two years I would be in business school--two years later I was in business school with a full academic scholarship. Being young, it is easy to focus on short-term goals and on what is most urgent in life. Harvey helps me focus on what is important. He is like the basketball coach that I loved growing up, but he's coaching me in my life."


— Phillip Brodsky, Executive Director

The David Project 


"I had the pleasure of working with Carolina Business Coach earlier this year. When you work with Harvey you not only work with a exemplary coach, you work with a man who is well respected by all of those who work or have worked with him. His communication and teaching skills are second to none. Like any true coach/mentor he brings out a person's best self. The life experiences he brings to the table enable him to connect and understand your needs. Harvey will always be a "friend" for life."


—  Robin Sprowls




"Carolina Business Coach are gifted motivators, business people, teachers and mentors. They tailor action plans necessary to launch your into success, whether business-related, personal goals or entering a new phase of life."


Shelly Pawlyk, VP

         Wells Fargo Bank        


"Carolina Business Coach has helped me gain a deeper understanding of how to develop and build my professional relationships. Our coaching work has had a profound effect on my understanding of successful interactions, which has increased my skills with existing and potential clients. If you are in sales or management, I'd recommend self-improvement by working with Carolina Business Coach."


— Preston Dellinger, Mainscape, Inc.

Account Exec of the Carolinas



"Working with Harvey has been a great experience. Harvey is a very professional and knowledgeable person which made my first experience with a coach an enlightening journey. The ease of conversation and the encouragement to explore many new areas assisted in my growth professionally."


—  Annette Stefan, Manager of Front End Operations

Harris Teeter

    "I have known and worked with Carolina Business Coach for almost five years.  As the executive recruiter for a financial company, I no longer hire without utilizing communication assessments.  The value is understanding other people's behavior and motivations in the workplace before we hire them, is extremely helpful to the hiring process and to their managers.  I have also taken Carolina Business Coach's leadership development program, along with key managers of our organization.  Harvey is a dynamic coach and workshop facilitator; the learning from our alignment with Carolina Business Coach has been well-integrated into our company culture."


— Rebecca Thompson, Director of Talent Acquisition

Consolidated Planning, Inc 

"Harvey is truly a "coach's" coach. Our sessions were focused on helping me both refine my coaching practice and improving my coaching skills. Harvey truly has a way of seeing the "magnificent" in everyone and every situation. He lives in concert with his values. That's the true essences of integrity. Bravo, Harvey, Bravo."


— Denise Cooper, Professional Coach

Coach HR  

"At a time of great transition in my own business, Carolina Business Coach helped me navigate seemingly unnavigable waters.  His past experience, objective assessments and nudge of direction were critical in my passage of smoother sailing."


— Darryl Parker, Owner

Parker Web   

 "I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Carolina Business Coach as my business coach.  In just 3 months my ability to communicate more effectively at work as a practice manager, and even at home as a wife and mother--has increased tenfold.  Working with Carolina Business Coach has made such a positive, extraordinary, successful impact not only in my life, but in the lives of those around me.  By continuing to use the tools Carolina Business Coach has taught me, I will continue to transform my personal character and integrity.  Thank you, Carolina Business Coach, for the ultimate life changing experience!"


—  Deborah Hauss, Dental Practice Manager     


" Carolina Business Coach are excellent business coaches.  I had the opportunity to work with them, and they helped me achieve one of my  most important business goals. Carolina Business Coach has a unique coaching style that inspires people to achieve greater results than they could have imagined. They are great listeners and always provided me with solutions that worked.  I totally endorse Carolina Business Coach as a career coach."

— Khaled Alhamzawi, Pharmacist, Branch Manager

Coram Healthcare

"I had the pleasure of working with Carolina Business Coach earlier this year while going through both a career and industry change. Using a well planned and executed framework, not only did Harvey and I achieve in finding a new career, Harvey was able to help me grow in many other areas as well. Harvey gave me the tools to achieve new heights in my previous career, develop meaningful relationships with my clients, improve my communication with coworkers and laid the foundation for continued growth and success in my new career. Carolina Business Coach is an invaluable resource, impassioned educator and great supporter to have on your side. I recommend him to anyone who wants to improve and enrich both their work and personal lives."


—  Matt Kornegay, Implementation Project Consultant

Bank of America

"After making the decision to transition out of a 24 year career in Retail Management, I enlisted the help of Carolina Business Coach as my career transition coach. To say that Carolina Business Coach was successful in orchestrating my transition to a successful conclusion would be a monumental understatement. Carolina Business Coach was able to take a process that, to me, was wrought with the unknown, the undesirable, and the downright scary and distill it down to an easy to digest, methodical, and engaging process that I was eager to participate in. Carolina Business Coach are experts in this field and this becomes clear within the first 10 minutes that you meet them. Their deep network of professionals and/or companies that they have worked is impressive. Carolina Business Coach speak many professional "languages" and this proved to be invaluable in helping me to decipher in which direction I would ultimately turn to for my next career. They understood from where I came as well as where I wished to go. On top of all of this, Carolina Business Coaches are mensch’s in every sense of the word and a true professionals. I cannot recommend Carolina Business Coach highly enough and would strongly urge anyone who is considering a change in career to seek out Carolina Business Coach counsel ASAP."


— Scott Wachtel, Mortgage, Loan Originator

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

"When my business life was at a crossroads Carolina Business Coach was there to guide me to a new place. Two years later that place is a far better one than where I had been previously. With Carolina Business Coach 's encouragement, caring and dedication today I am a successful entrepreneur who is exceedingly happier than I have ever been. My success is a testament to Carolina Business Coach. Without them I honestly don't know if I'd have the courage to be the person I am today. Thank you Carolina Business Coach."

— Ira Bass, President

IB Media


"I went to Carolina Business Coach at a difficult time, seeking direction and clarity about my professional future. Carolina Business Coach helped me understand what my strengths are and how to improve on my weaknesses. He also taught me how to create a personal message and effectively communicate that message to potential employers. And they showed me that there can be silver linings and that there are no mistakes, only lessons. Carolina Business Coach brought out the best in me and I am better for having worked with them."


— Jordan Ransenberg, Financial Crimes Consultant

Wells Fargo Bank

                                                                                                                                                     "I have worked with Carolina Business Coach over the last 12 years on several projects: - Opening a small business - Better managing relationships within my company - Attended business forums managed by Carolina Business Coach - Most recently on transitioning my career. Carolina Business Coach has been vital source in redirecting my energies and providing me with a better understanding of my future career objectives. They have instilled thoughts of inspiration, assisted with the introduction of key contacts and supported my entire process of moving forward with clear business objectives and a revitalized career. I highly recommend Carolina Business Coach Smith for any matters in business consultation and career coaching."


— Bill Notarangelo


"Carolina Business Coach's coaching skills are invaluable. I worked with them during a career transition and his coaching allowed me to uncover and understand my strengths from a personal and professional standpoint. Carolina Business Coach gave me the courage to be honest with myself and to achieve my goals. I can't thank him enough for his help, advice and positivity every step of the way. Harvey is an excellent resource and someone that you want in your corner."


— Eliza Carney, Account Supervisor


                                                                                                                      "Choosing Carolina Business Coach as a Career Coach was one of the best decisions that I made for my career. They helped me to look at my career objectively and to identify many strengths that I had overlooked in the past. I was able to utilize my learning from coaching with my new skill set to find a great new opportunity. Carolina Business Coach is wonderful!"


— Renee Coe-Gallipeau

Consultant at Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group     

"To say Carolina Business Coach helped me would a massive understatement. I met with Carolina Business Coach at a critical point in my career and through their guidance and advice I realized the clarity I needed to make the best decision for me and my family. With both confidence and conviction, I recommend Carolina Business Coach as a business coach for anyone who feels they need a little help along the way."


— Mike Dinerman

Sponsorship & Digital Marketing Executive 

"My inability to gain employment was not due to inexperience or education, but rather my inability to stand out from the crowd.  Only two short months after I was referred to Carolina Business Coach, I was able to secure my place in the corporate workplace with Bank of America.  I am so grateful to Carolina Business Coach for unlocking my professional potential and firmly believe that without his coaching, I would not have been able to transform my career."

Michael Bechtel, Mortgage Loan Officer

Bank of America    

 "Coaching was life changing for me. I didn't realize how much I hated what I was doing for a living, and working with Carolina Business Coach gave me the courage and direction to build my dream business.  I cannot imagine a better business coach. Simply put, Carolina Business Coach provides the support, expertise, tough love and the insight necessary to not just make you a better business person but a much better person overall. I know how much influence Carolina Business Coach has on me as I am quoting them all the time."

— William Anfin, President

Walkin' Willie's Comix




"Carolina Business Coach, are a great resource for assistance with career challenges. I highly recommend their coaching services. Both my husband and I have benefited from working with them and are in our second careers - dreams that they helped to become realities."


— Cathy Crosby, VP Senior Financial Analyst

Bank of America

"Harvey is the guidance counselor that we all should have listened to in High School. Harvey doesn't tell you what to do; but asks why you are not doing what you should be doing."


— Bob Crosby

Boeing, Int. Charleston, SC   

"I started my coaching with Carolina Business Coach after a career setback required me to refocus my career. They held me accountable for setting attainable, measurable goals and set me on path to success. From my interactions with Carolina Business Coach I have developed a stronger toolbox, awareness and attitude to succeed in both my career and in life. I would recommend Carolina Business Coach to anyone looking to grow their business or personal excellence. I have only experienced a small part of what I am capable of and I thank Carolina Business Coach for the momentum."


Todd Mengert, Manager

Legrand, North America


"By listening to me, and making a few comments as I went along, they helped me focus and realize what I really want to do. They didn't tell me, direct me or push me. Through their great insight they lead me to discover the answer for myself".



— Jan Whitford, MSL, SPHR

The Whitford Group      

"Carolina Business Coach is a great organization to have as a resource. They helped me several times in a period of two months to look at business ideas as well as to provide career advice. I highly recommend Carolina Business Coach to anyone who is in transition or who is looking to improve their career."

— Leo  Budin, Managing Director

First Key Mortgage

"After my fourteen year stint on the Charlotte City Council I was in a quandary about what I would do in the next chapter of my life. I wanted something that was challenging, fun and fulfilling and would use my skill set that I had developed. Carolina Business Coach ushered me through a series of exercises that led me to open Wheeler Communication Group LLC and it is all that and more. Carolina Business Coach 's help is invaluable!"

— Lynn Wheeler, Former Mayor Pro Tem

Charlotte, NC 


"Carolina Business Coach has helped me gain a deeper understanding of how to develop and build my professional relationships. Our coaching work has had a profound effect on my understanding of successful interactions, which has increased my skills with existing and potential clients. If you are in sales or management, I'd recommend self-improvement by working with Carolina Business Coach."


— Preston Dellinger

"I've known Harvey for almost 2 years, but I feel like I've known him much of my life. He is keenly aware of all kinds of personalities and knows just what you need when you need it. If you have never completed or recently completed a behavioral style assessment; I would highly recommend contacting Harvey. It will get you focused, establish clear goals and change your life."


Paul Bill, VP of Sales




"Carolina Business Coach has revolutionized the way that I approach not only my business relationships, but ALL of my relationships. They have become an integral partner in my business as they continue to advise and educate me regarding leadership dynamics, behavioral styles, and communication. Harvey has a willingness to take both a coaching and consultative position which adds value to our time together. I would highly recommend working with Carolina Business Coach."


— Jason R. Goldy, Director of Financial Planning

Mass Mutual of the Carolinas  



"You will become a better person and leader and will learn from Carolina Business Coach’s’ experience. They are great teachers, coaches and leaders.  They are the best and it shows."


—Tim Flanagan, General Agent, HF Financial

Mass Mutual of the Carolinas

“I knew from the first time I met Carolina Business Coach they were going to have an important impact on me as a leader. They are extremely knowledgeable business coaches who are not only committed to my personal success, but is also committed to their own continued professional development. When someone invests  in themselves on a regular basis like Carolina Business Coach does, it means they are on the top of their game. And that’s the type of person I want helping me be on the top of MY game. Carolina Business Coach has taught me many valuable business lessons and helped me develop action plans and strategies that have helped me strengthen my workplace performance as well as professional and personal relationships. They have a knack for getting at the core of what really is important and helping identify what success looks like, both professionally and personally – ultimately making me a more effective leader, husband, father and friend. Carolina Business Coach are the consummate professionals who truly “gets it” and I give them my highest compliment and recommendation.”

— Doug Hartjes Past President

Make A Wish Foundation of Central & Western North Carolina   


"When I began working with Carolina Business Coach in 2012, I expected to work with them for a few months and to see if he could make a difference in my company's performance. The results have been much more obvious and measurable as well as observable than I ever imagined. Now my entire company works with Carolina Business Coach in some way throughout the year and I personally meet with them monthly. Carolina Business Coach are the “real deal”."


— Eddie Price, Owner-Founder

Jenesis Software


"As the second generation President and CEO of our family's manufacturing firm, my goal was to become a sustainable business.  I brought in Carolina Business Coach both as my own business coach, and to hone the leadership and communication skills of my executive team.  As a former textile executive himself, Harvey Smith had a deep understanding of the industry and provides additional value with his seasoned insights.  Carolina Business Coach has provided our company with the skills to hire smarter, and to put the right people in the right places.  This has been a huge benefit to the dynamic of our team, and the efficiency of our processes.  In a diverse manufacturing company, it is important to align employees at all levels--and coaching has helped us accomplish this.  As a result of our work together, I am aware of how to make better connections with our employees, how to wear my leadership role most comfortably, and how to put together a team that will lead us to even greater ongoing success."


— Aaron Feinberg, President/CEO

Textum Weaving   


"I've had the pleasure to work with Carolina Business Coach over the past 6 months. Harvey has been an excellent executive coach. He has been excellent at facilitating the opportunity for me to be more introspective of my career goals and accomplishments. Harvey has been an excellent resource in developing my own leadership teams and ensuring that my team continues on its path to success. Often times, I would go into our sessions without a set agenda and wondering if I even had enough to talk about. Every single time, we pushed the time limits of our session because of Harvey's knack to draw questions and insights that you don't even know you have until you're in his presence. I would highly recommend him to help anyone develop their own leadership teams or personal career path and goals."



Calvin Hung

Administrator/AVP at Carolinas Rehabilitation;

Vice-Chair North Carolina Board of Physical Therapy Piedmont District

"Harvey is an excellent Leadership Coach, and Harvey has provided insightful leadership tools that have greatly increased both my leadership and communication skills. I would recommend him to anyone with a goal of achieving greater personal and professional success."


Marc Sokolowicz, AVP Medical Economics

Carolinas HealthCare System


"As Executive Director of the Matthews Chamber of Commerce, my job was all about people. I interacted with owners of large and small businesses, Chamber members, politicians, members of the public, other Chamber executives, employees and countless others on a daily basis. 

After two years of dealing with employee issues with no resolutions or relief, I reached out to Carolina Business Coach for help. After our first meeting, Harvey set me on the right path to resolve the issues, and within two months I was able to straighten out the problem to the benefit of everyone and the survival of the company. We've been working together ever since.

Carolina Business Coach helps you see yourself and others from different perspectives so that you can learn how to effectively communicate. This has helped me in all aspects of my life from dealing with board members, coworkers, networking associates, community leaders, friends and even my own family. I highly recommend business coaching for all aspects of business."


— Tina Whitley

Former Executive Director of the Matthews Chamber of Commerce

Residential Real Estate Broker, Allen Tate


"Carolina Business Coach is more than simply a business coach. In his insightful, humorous and relentlessly honest manner, he is part-therapist, part-friend, part mentor, part-CEO and all-coach, all-the-time. In the course of my professional relationship with Carolina Business Coach as my coach, I have gained even more respect for and appreciation of the gifts he brings to his work. He has enabled me to gently and confidently traverse the journey through difficult transitions in my professional life. His counsel and insight, not only reflecting my own self-awareness back to me, but enriching it with his guidance and sensible wisdom, have been indispensable to me and continue to assist me in becoming all I am capable of being. Carolina Business Coach is the consummate professional, but he is also the good friend one needs to grow and emerge and reach one's potential. He is the coach each of us could use to help us find the success that is there for all of us all the time."


—  Rabbi Jim Bennett

Congregation Shaare Emeth                                                

"My coaching relationship with Carolina Business Coach has been immensely helpful for me as an executive and a small business owner. Carolina Business Coach guidance helps me approach our business' issues and challenges with a practical and thoughtful perspective. It helps me to ultimately guide my management team with more clarity and a strengthened leadership style."

— Debbie Daniel, CPA, Managing Shareholder

Daniel Ratliff & Company


"I feel honored to have been able to work with Carolina Business Coach and would recommend them to anyone who strives to improve themselves in the workplace or at home. Carolina Business Coach was able to help me find the tools to increase my awareness, positive attitude and professional abilities and gain a sense of direction to find my goals and successes. Thank you Harvey!"


— Fred Bartlett, Division Manager

MTS Services, Charlotte, NC

"Engaging in coaching with Carolina Business Coach has been an immeasurably valuable experience.  As the director of a small non-profit agency, it is sometimes easy to put your head down and get buried in the work.  Working with Carolina Business Coach has helped me pull back and begin to more effectively maximize available resources by understanding the strengths and passions about those around me.  During our short time together, I have garnered an increased awareness of my own behaviors and style of communication.  This knowledge alone has helped me to  make necessary adjustments when needed thereby becoming a more effective and focused leader.  With extremely limited budgets, non-profits often make professional development the first area to "trim the fat".  However, making the decision to invest in this level of coaching and development will certainly yield a healthy return!"


— Tayuanee Dewberry, MA, Ed. S, NCC, Executive Director

Right Moves for Youth      



"I had the pleasure of being a part of one of Carolina Business Coach 's training's on communication recently. Carolina Business Coaches are well educated coaches, trainers and facilitators. They have the ability to create a learning environment that is collaborative, fun and engaging. They have a sincerity and warmth about them that comes through strongly and truly shows their commitment to others. I found the time extremely, valuable, practical and I use the skills and knowledge continually."

Michael Diettrich-Chastain, LPC, DCC

Founder at Path to Synergy                  


"After partnering with Carolina Business Coach on a few occasions, I was excited to participate in his Communication Certification Program. It was an intense, multi-day workshop, filled with honest and transparent discussions, great insights, and genuine offers of help. I walked away empowered to share new information and techniques with my clients and I am indebted to him. I am delighted to recommend Carolina Business Coach when you are looking to understand motivations and improve communications."

— Jeffrey Davidson


"I recently completed an intensive communication skills certification course with Carolina Business Coach. They gave me the tools that answer that perennial question of “How do I do that?” I am a voracious reader - a person who understands the concepts. And, what I am often left struggling with is the implementation. Carolina Business Coach gives their clients and the participants in his workshops the “how-to” of getting effective & successful communication done. Using the skills Carolina Business Coach taught me in my business has resulted in a 200% increase in revenue since beginning to use the tools he teaches. I highly recommend Carolina Business Coach for your communication skills training and coaching needs."


— Elizabeth Teagarden, President

The Teagarden Group


"I recently had the opportunity to attend a Communications Training workshop conducted by Carolina Business Coach. They did a great job of presenting a significant amount of information during 2 full days of training. The sessions consisted of a good blend of lecture, debate, and practice. The coaches and consultants walked away with practical tools that could be put to use immediately in their daily work.
Carolina Business Coach 's professionalism and energy came through during this 2 day session. They openly shared information and practical tips, making it clear that he wanted each of us to be successful.  I look forward to future Carolina Business Coach offerings and would recommend them without hesitation to other ICF (International Coach Federation) coaches. "


— Rita Woodard, MSOD

Professional Certified Coach


"I had the privilege of receiving my communication certification from Carolina Business Coach. Their 2 day intensive was nothing less than thoroughly insightful and engaging. Carolina Business Coach is skilled in communication effectiveness and their ability to teach on the topic is top notch. Harvey Smith not only leads this work, he embodies it. Thank you Carolina Business Coach for sharing your knowledge and support with me and the rest of the crew."


—Patrick Vaca, President

 ICF Charlotte