Meet the Team

We focus on people because they are the most important part of a business and relationship.   We love what we DO!

Harvey Smith

Founder & CEO

Andy Painter

President & COO

Laurie Smith

Certified Coach

Elena Jennings

Elena Jennings

Client Advocate

Our Approach

We have an unrelenting belief that anyone can breathe more life into his or her company or career.

And if you’re wondering how it’s done,  we’ll share our Success Equation™ with you right here, right now:

     + Activity
     + Attitude
     + Agreements
     + Accountability
     = SUCCESS

Our Story

Our company founders were already successful; they didn’t need to start a new company.  They were compelled to do it.

When Harvey Smith was working as a textile executive he traveled the country meeting business owners.  Their universal complaint was about their employees i.e., Why can’t they be better?   Why don’t they get along?  Why are they disengaged?  Why don’t they do what I ask them to do?   In 2002, Harvey Smith went to the University of North Carolina, Charlotte to become a business coach, and develop the tools that help others become more effective and more satisfied personally and professionally.

Andy Painter learned the power of coaching as a client of Carolina Business Coach for 11 years; his own professional successes included building and selling two companies.   He wanted to find a way to reach a broader audience with the very coaching techniques that influenced and accelerated his own success.

Their partnership is one of  friendship, mutual respect, and a passion for helping others.