5 Steps to Priming our Conversations with Trust

Did you know that….[1]

  • 55% of CEO’s think that a lack of trust is a threat to their organization’s growth.
  • The ‘trust” or “feel good” hormone is called Oxytocin. High stress is an oxytocin inhibitor, and releases cortisol, the “fight or flight” hormone.
  • People at ‘high-trust’ companies report 74% less stress, 100% more energy at work, 50% higher productivity, 13% fewer sick days, 75% more engagement, 40% less burnout, 29% more satisfaction with their lives
  • 5 million manager-led teams in 195 countries found that workforce engagement improved when supervisors had some form of daily communication with direct reports
  • Even engineers need to socialize

[1] Source:  Paul Zak, founder, the Center for Neuroeconomic Studies

Knowing that our brains can affect our verbal responses, it is helpful to have some ground rules for carrying on a conversation with a colleague.  Here are a few ways to set yourself up for greater success prior to a meeting or critical conversation:

5 Steps to Priming our Conversations with Trust[2]

  • Step 1:  Connect to Lower Fears.  “How can I create a safe environment for an open and nonthreatening conversation?  What words can I use to make the other person feel comfortable?
  • Step 2: Connect to listen: “How can I create a rapport with respect and trust?  What words will help us connect without judgment?
  • Step 3: Listen to Understand: How can I step into the other person’s shoes and see the world through their eyes?  I can my words bridge our realities?
  • Step 4:  Listen to share success:  How can we co-create success—not just my success?  How can I let go of being right and stay open and curious to new possibilities?
  • Step 5: Be truthful:  How can we both share our truths, and continue to elevate our conversations?

[2] Based on an article from Benchmark Communications