Client Success Story: Spotlight on Sheila Thomas


Sheila's Story

When we first met Sheila Thomas, she seemed abundantly successful by all outward appearances:  a great career with a private hedge fund, a wide circle of friends, freedom to indulge her passion for travel, and no shortage of suitors.   Despite all this, Sheila felt an absence of joie de vivre.  What was success for her in this phase?  It wasn't about finding a man, but about finding her voice.

In January of 2012, Sheila participated with 7 other women in Carolina Business Coach's first Women's Leadership Coaching Program, which offers participants the opportunity to take a deeper look at their professional and personal roles.  Here, Sheila graciously shares some of that experience and the positive outcomes for her:

What was your motivation for joining the Women's Leadership Coaching Program?  I had been working with Laurie as my life coach and this seemed a good next step on my path of personal growth.

What kind of expectations did you have?
Truthfully, it was a leap of faith.  I had lots of hopes but no defined agenda other than to feel more positive and optimistic about my life.

How would you describe the workshop to others?  A powerful, inspirational process of personal growth over several months.  The information is presented in a clear, concise fashion and keeps everyone involved. There is never a dull moment.

Can you give us an example of something that was life changing for you?  I think most of all, the experience helped me to appreciate and accept myself and others  "as is"  i.e., to look at everything through a different lens and not be so judgmental.

How was it being in the group environment--spending two hours each week with women who were at different stages in their lives and careers? It was fun learning from the other participants and seeing them transform during the process.  It allowed all of us to practice new leadership skills in the group, and then to share our successes and failures. I realized that many of my concerns and fears were often shared by all.

What did you mean about "finding your voice"?  Before the coaching program, I didn't fully trust my instincts or thoughts, so I would often keep quiet and not say what I was thinking.  Through the skills learned, I gained the confidence to speak up and be intentional with my word.

How has this impacted your relationships?  With the renewed confidence in myself, my relationships both personally and professionally have become more meaningful.

Any other takeaways?  This program taught me that we all have the ability to lead, and provided the tools to understand and communicate with others more effectively.

What would you say about working with Laurie Smith as a coach and facilitator?  Laurie is outstanding as a coach and mentor.  I speak all the time about how my time with her has impacted my life.

 It's a year later.  Where are you in your life? Mentally, I'm more positive, happier, confident.  With the help that Laurie provided, I have found the man I've been searching for my whole life -- and best of all, I KNOW IT for sure!!

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