We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!

A group of successful and satisfied businesspeople looking upwards smiling

CBC's seminars educate, motivate and jump start your team's productivity.

Our seminars contain solid, effective, and practical strategies, designed to be to be put into practice to deliver improved results for your business and personal relationships.

Seminars are generally delivered in short spurts, ranging from two hours to a day.

A seminar can accelerate your success, help you discover your passion, bring more focus and balance to your life. Employees feel valued by an organization that invests in their professional development. Sharing this experience in a group format provides the opportunity for more effective communication and more cooperative interactions going forward.

Carolina Business Coach can custom-create a seminar for small groups or large ones.

Here are just a few of the seminar topics that we have addressed:

  • How to Sell to Anyone
  • Masterful Leadership
  • Putting the Function Back into a Dysfunctional Office
  • Mastering the Informational Interview
  • Selling in Challenging Times
  • Finding your next life Adventure
  • Building a Successful team through Dynamic Communication
  • Ready, Set, Goal!
  • Selling for non Selling Professionals
  • Celebrate What's Right
  • Success Strategies