Client Coaching Success Story: Dan Garvey

Dan Garvey, President
United Brokerage Packaging, LLC
Dan Garvey, President United Brokerage Packaging, LLC

How business coaching helped United Brokerage Packaging think "outside the box" 
Dan Garvey is the type of person you meet and immediately think: "Nice guy"And indeed he is.  Yet the unassuming demeanor of this Louisville native belies a doggedly determined competitor and dedicated leader.

United Brokerage Packaging services packaging needs in the Southeast, with 40 employees in 2 locations: Charlotte, NC and Augusta, GA.  Dan became a partner with United Brokerage in 2004.

Here's Dan's remarkable story:

Dan, you were rolling along with great success at United Brokerage; why did you decide to connect with Carolina Business Coach? 
Maybe it was the metaphoric 7 year itch with the company.  I was feeling stale.  I needed more challenges so that I could breathe some life back into my role and my business.

So you didn't know what you wanted when you sat down with your business coach?
I had a vision, but didn't have the game plan to implement it.  Working with Harvey Smith, we  developed a set of goals that were not just based on revenue, but things I wanted to change or improve in the business--this ranged from sales to operations to administrative.  Then we made even smaller goals on how we were going to change each role to become more efficient.

Can you give us a specific goal that you achieved?
I had wanted to expand our business into Virginia for some time, but hadn't taken the steps to make it happen.  Yet working with Harvey, we were able to accomplish it fairly quickly and easily--by creating a solid foundation with the right team in place.

To what do you attribute the 20% increase in gross sales?
I would say that putting our team and managers through the 9 week Sales Coaching Process with Carolina Business Coach was immensely helpful--even for our most experienced salespeople.  By following this process and gaining a greater understanding of how to engage customers--we obtained our 2012 sales goals; this was probably the first time we set and achieved a tangible number.  In 2013 we are targeted for another 20% in revenue growth.

What have you learned about yourself during the coaching process?
I am more confident in my own leadership abilities.  Before I may have been tentative about making changes; now we can go forward without fear.  I'm in a better position to manage the company in all areas, and I think we've set ourselves up for growth and to make a better profit by managing better.

What would you tell other people about working with Harvey Smith as your business coach?
I look at Harvey as a partner in what I am doing.  The way I would evaluate the investment in coaching is by looking at the bottom line--at the end of the day I need to see value.  It's something every entrepreneur should experience.

So it seems fair to say that nice guys do finish first, right Dan?  
Coaching was a wise investment.

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